Pitt Technology Group Received SBJ Impact Award for 1-7 Years in Business


Pitt Technology Group received the Springfield Business Journal Impact Award for 1-7 years in business.

“The company offers technological solutions with a wide variety of employees, from techs in reflective gear cable to software developers.

Waterland says with such diverse division, communication among them is crucial for the company’s success.

‘Our secret sauce has been to get these things to work together,’ he says.”

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How Pitt Technology Group Shifted Focus to Nonprofits During Downtime

Pitt Technology Group shifted focus to nonprofits during economic downtime.

“For most companies that experienced a slowdown in work due to COVID-19, there was rarely a bright side. But at Pitt Technology Group, the slowdown wasn’t all bad news. It meant the tech installation company had time and manpower to put toward work with nonprofits after it received some funding from the Small Business Administration’s Payroll Protection Program.”

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